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Small Change Auto & Detailing is an onsite /mobile auto detailing service, serving Downtown Greenville  and  its outskirt.
We aren't just a detailing business, where every car is like the previous one or the next one. At Small Change Auto & Detailing, car detailing is an art, not just a job or a means of earning an income. It's an opportunity to let the artist show in the detail applied to each vehicle. Just like anything you do in life, if it's your passion it will show.
At Small Change Auto & Detailing, car detailing is our passion, our art.

Most people don't understand what it takes to have a car detailed, nor do they understand what it takes to take care of what's most likely their second largest investment, their car. Running the car "through the washer" or incorrectly maintaining the cleanliness of the car affects trade-in/resale value and ultimately leads to an even larger investment of repairing the car, when the clearcoat fails to protect the paint, and the paint is eaten away by the elements, which protects the metal.
Most people aren't happy with the way their vehicles are detailed by other businesses or detailers, or lack the knowledge of knowing what to look for in a detailer's work to justify if he/she is correctly caring for the vehicle, or causing more damage versus preventing.
In addition, vehicle owners are too occupied with their personal lives, family, friends or work to where they don't have the time to even think about having the time to clean/detail their vehicles.
Let Small Change Auto & Detailing help!

Small Change  Auto & Detailing

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  • "They did a fantastic job on my Accord, inside and out. They will take care of you and are very thorough in what they do. I will definitely be coming back here for my routine wa..."